tryn out sum new brushez


I keep wishing there were more plants and harvestables in animal crossing.


Hello Spring Dress design for ACNL

Hehehe since today’s Groundhog Day I thought it would be appropriate to make a spring themed dress C: Enjoy!

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Lucina crossing

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Focus, Claudia!

"Well, um, it’s kind of nice working on my own, I guess… Sometimes it gets l-lonely, though, I think…"

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Fairy dress with little wings. [source] The site seems to prohibit reposting the codes, so you can get it here.

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Finally done updating all of Cookie’s house! (except the random lunch tray)

I never liked her original furniture set, so here we go! I think this looks much better! ♡


the town buns!!! I felt like drawing them looking all trendy. these two are so cute and they were at each other’s birthday and i just like to think they’re best friends even though they’re so different!